Did I really leave California? Am I in Florence? And why?


I made an innocent mistake when changing my Facebook status and network to Italy.  I have received tons of emails from friends asking: what???   Here are my responses to some of your questions 😉


Mixed feelings…sad and true. On May 5th, I left sunny Pasadena, CA to move to Florence, Italia and gain a solid mastery of the Italian language and knowledge of the culture. Some of you may not know, but mio nonno (grandfather) was from Consenza, a province in Calabria, located in Southern Italy, close to Sicilia. Italia has always been close to my heart and experiencing life here its really making it all come alive! My father and uncle (also my godfather) have also honored and cherished our Italian heritage. Loro sono nati  in Argentina e emigrati a Porto Rico quaranta anni fa.  Mi piace la lingua e ho studiato con un tutor privato durante l’ultime tre mesi. (Both my father and uncle were born in Argentina and emigrated to Puerto Rico forty years ago.


California has a special place in my heart not only because it’s been home for the past 5 years, but it’s a great state with much to do!  I am really going to miss everything about living in Cali. I have created deep friendships with amazing people…who have blessed me in many ways. There is no doubt many of them will be friends for life. Yet, tt’s great to know and feel, I can always return to Cali in the future.


While living in California, I experienced tremendous personal and spiritual growth. My graduate studies at Fuller Theological Seminary have nurtured both my mind and heart in ways I can’t fully describe.I also had the experience to work under tremendous mentors and work/serve for organizations such as UCLA, Mosaic Church, FBC-Westchester, Fuller, and Pepperdine University. I also pursued a certificate in life/executive coaching from the International Coaching Academy in Australia.


Despite its charm and nearly perfect weather, California it’s too far from Puerto Rico, where I was born/raised and my parents live.  Airline tickets are too expensive and the time difference rules out any weekend trip for a friend’s wedding or a quick recharge.


Adesso, abito a Firenze. Una bella citta che mi piace molto!



One thought on “Did I really leave California? Am I in Florence? And why?

  1. Ciao, mi chiamo Giuseppe e vengo anch’ io dalla Calabria, mia nonna si chiamava anche Fusaro. Suo fratello e’ emigrato in Argentina tanti anni fa. Il paese d’ origine e’ Corigliano Calabro, e’ forse anche la tua origine? Ciao


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