Reinvent Yourself Continually

The masses often swear by the mantra, “If it ain’t broke, why fix it!”  Many organizations have adopted this idea, therefore becoming reactive to the economy, marketplace, and/or the consumer.

Innovation is perhaps one of the most popular buzz words in the business world today. Organizations have learned (from mistakes and competitive disadvantages) that they must innovate or perish.

This same principle applies to us people.

If it ain’t broke, fix it anyway.  We are broken and forever will be. Why? Cause we are not perfect and there are areas of ourselves that surely need a little TLC, refurbishing, and polishing. What areas? Attitudes, habits, relationships, negative thinking, and the list goes on.  Therefore, reinvent yourself continually; aka “continuous personal development.” And remember to seek help when needed. Self-help is a bogus concept…self cannot simply and autonomously help self.

Everyday is an opportunity to improve our lives for our own well-being and success, for those who love us, and the world we live in.


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