Find Your Passion, Not Just a Job!

I have been following the adventures of Sean Aiken for the past 30 weeks. His journey has inspired thousands around the world to pursue happiness at work and in life.  A native Canadian, Sean finished college and was clueless as to what he wanted to do the rest of his life. Instead of settling for something “okay,” such as a good paying job to make some cash, or make friends and family happy, Sean embarked in search of his true passion. In one year, he took 52 jobs, each lasting one week.

Sean’s courageous project is more than a social experiment. It is an inspiration to a generation hungry for purpose. Not just for a job, but a vocation that fills them with joy and happiness. This generation is referred as the “Peter Pan Generation,” “the adultescents,” and “kidults.” Read more here and here. It’s about 1.5 million in the US.

Moreover, Sean has not used this adventure to enrich himself financially. He has donated over $20,000 to Make Poverty History / ONE Campaign. 

Visit the website:

So, what’s your passion? Are you pursuing it wholeheartedly?


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